Prove your allegations against me or I sue you – Rex Omar to Akoo Nana

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Highlife legend Rex Omar, who is also the Board Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), has dared fellow musician Akoo Nana to prove allegations of misappropriation which the latter made against him or face him in court.

A few days ago, Akoo Nana posted a video on Facebook in which he accused Rex Omar of lacking the moral right to accuse President Nana Akufo-Addo of corruption because, according to him, the Abiba hitmaker was just as guilty.

Akoo Nana said apart from failing as leader as far as GHAMRO was concerned, Rex Omar also misappropriated funds of the organisation.

He wondered how Rex Omar was able to acquire so many cars and urged the Ghanaian authorities to investigate Omar.

Responding to the allegations on Accra100.5FM’s Entertainment Capital programme hosted by Nana Romeo, Rex Omar said: “I want to put it on record that I don’t know Akoo Nana. I’ve never met him. He’s not a member of GHAMRO. So, for him to have the courage to record that video and give it to bloggers to widely publicise it, means that he has his foot on something”.

“So, all I will say is that he should make the evidence ready to prove his allegation”, adding: “I can’t sit aloof for somebody like that to destroy the reputation I’ve built for myself over the past 35 years and allow him to go scot-free”.

“All I have to say is that he should look for the evidence because he needs to prove his allegation, otherwise I’ll resort to the law”, Rex Omar said.

According to him, “There’s no truth in the allegation but if he has the evidence, he should bring it home because the minute he lands in Ghana and fails to produce that evidence, he would have to contend with me in accordance with the law”.
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