Stop the foolishness! – Oboy Siki descends on Kumawood actors

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The brouhaha surrounding the reasons why Bishop Nyarko’s mother prevented his colleagues from visiting him on his sick bed does not seem like it will go away any time soon.

In a latest twist to the story, Oboy Siki, a veteran Kumawood actor who was also close to the late Bishop Nyarko has clarified why the decision was made and has asked the film makers to stop making stupid claims about wanting to help him financially. He spoke on Kofi TV, monitored by GhanaWeb.

According to him, he was initially confused as to why the family would make such a decision not to allow anyone to visit him, until things were made clear to him by the late bishop and his mother, and he totally agreed with them.

Oboy Siki was responding to controversies surrounding the bishop’s decision and the uproar that decision caused among some Kumawood folks. Oboy Siki said the hypocritical nature of film makers in Kumawood was the reason why the family came to that conclusion not to allow visitors. He said Bishop Nyarko in an interview before he died said he specifically gave instructions to his mother not to allow anyone to come visit because they were hypocrites, and he totally agreed because indeed Kumawood filmmakers were nothing but hypocrites who would have visited him camera ready to take pictures to share on social media.

He rebuked the film makers who claimed they wanted to support him with money and questioned them on which money they claimed they wanted to give him since he knew very well they had nothing for him.

“Kwame in an interview explained that these film makers were only coming to visit him to take pictures for social media clout that is why he prevented them from coming. When he spoke I understood him because our people are wicked and hypocrites. They claimed they wanted to give him money, what money? It is this foolishness that gets me angry. What money do you have to give him?” he asked.

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