‘Runaway’ Sista Afia grinds Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz in a ‘Medikal-flavored’ diss song

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After denying ever jabbing singer Sister Derby in her ‘WMT’ song although music fanatics said some of the lyrics were so glaring, Sista Afia has released another song punctuated with jabs.

Titled ‘You Got Nerves’, Sista Afia on the hip-hop tune appears to be taking a dig at rappers Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz.

How and why Freda Rhymz?

Not only did Sista Afia throw jabs in her ‘WMT’ song; she claimed she raps better than any Ghanaian female rapper although many know her to be a singer.

Born Freda Baffour Awuah, rapper Freda Rhymz, winner of the sixth season of the MTN Hitmaker music reality show, found it absurd Sista Afia’s decision to brag about being the ‘queen’.

To register her displeasure, Freda, released ‘KMT’. She tagged Sista Afia as an emotional singer who is so much frustrated that she’s had to become a rapper. In summary, the rap game is not Sista Afia’s turf!

“Emotional singers, afei moadane rappers,” she said. “I bi the girl with the flex, your style is limited we got the specs.”

In ‘You’ve Got Nerves’, Sista Afia attacks Freda Rhymz, likening her backside to a sim card.

“Ono saa chick no, ne to feaa tese Vodafone chip no,” she rapped in Twi. To wit, “That girl, that girl with a small behind like a Vodafone chip.”

The Eno Barony jab

After Freda Rhymz released her song and courted controversy, Eno Barony countered.

Touting herself as the ‘Rap Goddess’, the Tema-based rapper said Sista Afia cannot be named in list of rappers because she is a toddler. Freda Ryhmz was not spared the rod either.

“Hwe gyimifo no, ode ahopepre ato punch agye animguase,” a line in the song said - translated as ‘the blockhead thought she was throwing jabs but ended up disgracing herself’.

“Mmarima yi feature omo ho ako omo anim no, ato mmaa ne beef. Mooye nso a, ase mooso ahwe,” she continued. To wit, ‘the males are featuring each other for progress but the females are fighting and it even appears they are joking’.

The response from Sista Afia in her ‘You’ve Got Nerves’, like Freda Rhymz’s focused on Eno’s stature, among others.

“Punch on point! I dey do better kyen saa rapper no a woahyehye se beef burger,” Sista Afia said, meaning she does better than that ‘beef burger’ looking rapper.

She posited that Eno ought to rather be a contestant for ‘Di Asa’, a dance reality show for thick, fat women. Following that line was another jab. She remarked that Eno has been an underground artiste despite doing music for many years.

“You started this rap journey years ago. Your first born would have been 15,” she taunted.

‘You’ve Got Nerves’ composed by Medikal?

It is unclear whether Sista Afia composed the song or a 'ghost writer' did. What is clear, however is that the lyrics and delivery have signatures of Medikal.

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