My ’emotional attachment’ to every ‘Big Buttocks’ has been my downfall- ‘Born-again’ Funny Face cries

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Comedian, Funny Face born Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng has admitted that his destruction has been his love for big buttocks of women.

The comedian cum musician is going through tough times with his family at the moment and has since recorded several videos blaming some industry colleagues and his wife for his woes.

In a recent post on the ongoing problems in his family, Funny Face admitted that when choosing a lady, the only quality he’s always looked out for is the huge backside of the lady and not her foresightedness and intelligence.

He noted that this quality of women has been his bane citing his failed first marriage to back his claims and his current relationship with the mother of his twins, Ella and Bella.

He said “DEAR BIG BUTTOCKS .. you have destroyed me uncountable times .. why do u always come my way … maybe we are destined together .. FUNNY FACE vrs BIG BUTTOCKSES wey word dis .. we will die together … buttocksis .. JUST SAY “ FIIM FIIM”. .. “ JUST FINISHED DAWN PRAYERS “ and decided to make ya’ll LAUGH KWABENA KWABENA last DONT be angry ooo .. I guess u will be da only one to understand how I feel now love you bro”.

“bro .. ASEM NO AY3 CRITICAL big buttocks over slim buttocks .. I know da slim buttocks girls will say siaa maen “ ENTI na wu wu no “ Asem no ay3 k3se3r .. Ay3 bloody ankasa .. just say “ FIIM FIIM “ u guys sleep for life .. wake up come try .. just say “ FIIM FIIM “ call me da.”

“Have u seen da wrath of an “ EMOTIONAL FATHER “ who has been betrayed by the only woman who gave him children .. da trust , da faith and the love I have for her broken .. cos she sold me to my enemies and bloggers to destroy me .. I cant sleep .. da pain of not seeing my girls .. cos she left home with dem when I was away .. a woman who points gun on me to shoot and kill me at da slightest argument .. a woman who because gave you children is using da children against u .. every little thing . “ by da time , u come from town .. I have gone to Kumasi with the children … THEN I HAVE TO KEEP QUITE . And continue doin yessa massa to her like dat .. if she likes she should also say “ FIIM FIIM “ she go hear am .. I have suffered for years … because of my choice of women .."

"I LIKE WOMEN WITH BIG BUTTOCKS TOO MUCH “ buttocks is good for da economy .. buttocks clears road it gives moral .. but when a who doesn’t think deep has one .. it causes distraction .. ASWEAR #ELLAandBELLA’s mother compared to my Ex wife ? Chaiii she makes my ex wife .. seems to be an Angel .. Am cleaning my heart and clensing my soul .. am in pain .. So anything dat crosses me I will destroy it .. because she is da mother of my children and she is 3 months pregnant for me again .. so I have to think of da future of my girls .. so I will only say 1 percent today .. if she feels like saying “ FIIM FIIM “ too let her come and say it .. like she go feel am .. will always love and appreciate da fact dat .. thru JEHOVAHS help AND JEHOVAH using u as a vessel through which I got my #ELLAandBELLA .. but one thing I won’t stand or take is selling me to my enemies and bloggers to destroy me ..""

"Did u really think before doin dat ? Wao .. LIL WIN am soo angry at u because .. you have destroyed my home .. whiles going through dis pain .. den u some stupid people sit on social media and insult me .. you will loose something dear and close to ur heart for u to feel my pain some .. just wait and see .. it started from da day I cried .. am a strong person .. so for dis to get to me and give me sleepless night dis 4 days .. I will massacre anybody who comes my way ! Simple.”
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