Kennedy Agyapong warns Nana Agradaa

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Maverick politician Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has served notice that he is going to reveal the ‘dirty’ deals of popular fetish priestess Nana Agradaa or Okomfo Agradaa after he has finished dealing with controversial pastor Daniel Obinim.

According to him, he is currently busy with his crusade against fake pastors, and the Head Pastor of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, is on his radar, for which reason he is shelving Nana Agradaa’s issue for now.

“I am sounding a strong warning to Nana Agradaa, a fake fetish priestess based at Sowutuom, to shut her mouth, else I will expose her,” the Assin Central New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) fired on his NET2 Television recently.

“My focus now is how to expose Obinim and collapse his church and after the Obinim agenda, Agradaa will follow,” he said.

Kennedy said Nana Agradaa had had a field’s day duping so many people. He vowed to ‘stop’ her, saying any fake man of God or religious leader that he (Ken) would investigate would be exposed badly.

Agradaa’s Provocation

According to Kennedy, he does not have any issue with Nana Agradaa, but said he was getting information that the fetish priestess had been making unnecessary noise to provoke him.

He said Nana Agradaa would soon regret her decision of engaging him, stressing that he would expose Nana Agradaa’s ‘evil’ works.

Human Sacrifices

The MP said he has information about people that Nana Agradaa had killed for sacrifices and said if the fetish priestess is ‘fooled’ to open her mouth against him, then he would be forced to expose her big time.

“I am saying it again, Nana Agradaa should keep her mouth shut, else I will publicly name the people she had killed for sacrifices for all to see,” he fired.

Kennedy said he has the resources and time to expose people that are doing evil to society under the guise of religion such as Nana Agradaa.

“Nana Agradaa should be careful so I will not put my spotlight on her activities,” he pointed out. “If I decide to put my spotlight on her, it would be her end,” he added.

Ken’s Condition

Kennedy, who claimed Nana Agradaa was not his prime target, stated that she still has ample time to do the needful by shunning all the ‘bad’ things she has been doing so that he will not expose her.

He said he was aware of the numerous tricks that Nana Agradaa had been using to dupe unsuspecting people, but that is not his interest for now.

According to him, people that troop to Nana Agradaa’s shrine, especially for powers to become rich overnight “are not wise so they deserve to be duped.”

“How can any sensible person visit the shrine of Nana Agradaa for powers to become rich overnight?” he queried, adding, “Agradaa is also fake”.

Ken-Obinim War

Ken Agyapong and Bishop Obinim have lately waged a media war, which has seen the two personalities firing salvos at each other on social media in particular.

The MP claimed Florence Obinim, wife of Bishop Obinim, had provoked him, forcing him to verbally attack Obinim, who has also fired back at the Assin Central MP.

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