Hot Photos Of Freelove, The Lady Who Was Rejected On TV3’s Date Rush Pop Up Online

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TV3’s Date Rush has assumed a cult following and trending all over social media after a ‘legendary’ Ignatius Acheampong made history by rejecting all the ladies who wanted to date him. 
Ignatius later told the host of the show, Nii Kpakpo Thompson that he had no feelings for any of the ladies, reason why he rejected them. One of the ladies, Freelove who felt so humiliated and despondent for what Ignatius did, plainly told him he does not know what he likes.
Well, we have found photos of this young lady and trust me, she’s very beautiful.Date Rush is a game show is for single eligible gentlemen to get a special date with a lady. The challenge is to make the best impression on the ladies to get them to want to go on the date within 4 presentation stages which leads to date at a romantic location to be captured on cameras.
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