Forget about my size, I can act any movie role – Yaw Dabo tells Ghanaians

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Award winning Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo has revealed that his selection or acceptance of movie roles is based on his principle and not his diminutive size.

According to the actor who also doubles as the agent of Hearts of Oak striker Daniel Barnieh Afriyie, he came to the movie industry on his own accord and not even his mother succeeded in discouraging him because of his height.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz he said “I can play any role given to me by any director, but I am very choosy when it comes to accepting roles. There are certain roles I refuse for personal reasons. But the fact of the matter is that I can play any role any tall person can play.

“We make movies to educate and entertain, so I am very cautious about the kind of roles I play. Imagine me accepting certain roles which won’t go down well with children who are watching” he told Graphic Showbiz.

“I took my own decision to go into the industry. I didn’t allow my size to discourage me, neither did I allow anyone to discourage me. Even my mum discouraged me when I decided to go into movies, but I was not perturbed,” he intimated.

He also blamed the local TV stations for sidelining the local industry by showing more of the foreign movies(Telenovela's) before he appealed to the government to come and save their dwindling movie industry.

“In that case, who will speak for those of us in Kumawood? The government should build a cinema for us in Kumasi like the National Theatre in Accra where producers can show their movies and reap from their toils; that will help the industry.

“The TV stations are not helping at all; they show a lot of foreign content at peak times. If the government should put in place a policy for them to show only Ghanaian movies, it will go a long way to help.” He added.
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