What are we doing as a nation??

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As the Nation is in crisis, what are the plans to stop the spread of this virus??? This is the question l have been asking myself for weeks now!!
When this virus was spreading l thought our leader will shut down all ports of entry but no! Foreigners kept coming in and out of the country..
Now the cases has gone up. I know and believe there are more cases than what our leader is telling us.. But hidding the truth won't help.. Yes he doesn't want to create fear amd tension amongst citizens of this Great Nation.
Am not doing politics here!
Why is food been shared at crowded areas? Why are they refusing to respond to our calls when we call for food? What is the Government doing to help the old aged people, the disabled and the homeless??
I sometimes laugh and say we are not a serious nation after all.
If food is to be shared for Ghanaians, they are some Ghanaians more important than others?? That without a party card you won't be given food to eat..
Stay home to save lives, now has changed to come out to get food!! And they tell us social distancing, interesting.. Why can't the food be shared house to house, door to door?
People are indeed suffering.. The prices of food stuffs has increased from nowhere, lorry fares has increased from where!! Where are our leaders and what are they saying about this!
Free water is just a joke, what about those who does not have pipe flowing in their homes and those not having at all?? Free electricity my foot!!!
Infact Ghanaians should wake up and see the reality here. This is not the matter of NDC,NPP, just ask your self these questions!!
All the monies and funds recieved from companies, and individuals for the virus to help the citizens where have they gone to?? IMF monies where are the funds??
Every Ghanaian should at least be given something, rice and some oil. I see no changes, and am afraid as a Ghanaian to say this, THIS SITUATION FAVOURS THE RICH!
It hurts to say these things but l can't keep it to my self..
Yes our leading is doing something, but it not helping one bit..
So what about our frontline personnel's what measures have been put in place for them?
Money won't solve this problems, let me say this, this crisis is their cocoa season, they are using this to harvest money for theirselves, because maybe after elections they will be out of power and any political party that comes to power will have to work hard to settle all debts.
Politics is like soccer, they never say the truth!!

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