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Dancehall/Reggae artist Jahomie aka Joe Elyson in an interview spoke about the situation at hand...
He said " Our leaders said, stay home to save lifes, we all agreed because it for our own good. Which some people are starving, businesses collapsing, people are really suffering at this time.. But to what l have seen recently is our leaders are only playing with us as toys.. The same person said we should stay indoors, now your gave out numbers to call if we need food, good idea::: but when we call the numbers no response.. The most annoying part is the food are been shared if only and only you are a party member, meaning no party card no food... The worst of all is food is been shared at over crowded places, and people are fighting over the food.
So why won't the virus spread??? This is cheap popularity for this government, in as much he is doing his best, nothing is working out for good...
Am very disappointed in this government and how they are handling this situation. Our port of entry was noto closed when the virus was spreading, people kept coming in the country, now things are getting way out of hand.
People are really suffering especially the old people and the disabled... Out leaders only think of themselves. They have stocked their houses with food so they are okay, what about the people who voted for you??.. 
Donation account opened for this virus to help people has recieved huge amount of money within these past weeks, so are they telling us they can't use that money to buy some 5kg bag of rice, a bottle of oil and some sardines to share for Ghanaians to enjoy?? IMF has given millions of dollars to the government, so can't this government even give every Ghanaian 200cedis?? 
Sometimes l hate to say am a Ghanaian. Because our leaders are very greedy. Free water for three months, it just a joke, not every house has a tap..So what are they saying?? Nothing is for free.. l see no improvement, but suffering only.
Food should be shared door to door, to prevent the spread of the virus.. I don't want to talk much..
I rest my case here.. Peace be into you all.. One love and stay safe!!!..
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