[Lyrics + Audio] Emperor Skysis - Fire (Clean Heart Riddim) Pro By StressOnDaBeats (Hosted By Emperor Skysis) || #Dauda_Yayra

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Mi No Mind If A Thousand People A Voice Pon Diss Riddim. Just Listen To MI Version. Addi Emperor Skysis A Represent From Brave Generation, I Believe Boom..
Eyuh Stress, Mankind Mi Nuh Fi Impress
But When They See The Progress, They Say Respect But Ano From The Heart That's Why We Put Jah First.. Seeen

We've Been Hustling For A Longtime
We've Seen So Many People Die
The Hater Wonder How We Still Survive
The Secret Is We Put Faith In Jah Jah And Wi Always

Keep The Fire Burning Everytime
And We Always Keep Praying Everytime
Every Ghetto Youth A Pree Fi Di Dollar Sign
A So We Gonna Keep Searching It Till We Find
A So We Keep The Fire Burning, Burning
My Youth, Never Lazy Inna This Time
Cuz Mama Haffi Smile From The Other Side
Ignoring Every Pain Inna MI Spine
A So We Keep The Fire Burning...

Mama Never Born Mi A Fool So Mi Nuh Act Like One
Far Mi A Come From So Mi Haffi Surely Win
Friends And Family Always Looking Up To Me
So Before Mi A Take Step, Mi Think Twice Before Mi Dweet
Mi Nuh Go Rest Till The Battle Is Over
Make Money And Kick Poverty Like Soccer
Mi Wan Fi Pull Up Inna Rolls Royce And Land Rover
Mi Have Hope Say Everything Will Soon Be Over
If Man Was Really Born To Suffer
If Afi Mi Hustle Then Mi A Dweet Well Proper
Never Underestimate The Struggles Of A Hustler
Cuz The Cheddar Wey Buy Mi Food Will Buy Mi Range Rover ..


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