Ghanaians turn to rubbing alcohol as sanitizers run out

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Ghanaians are now resorting to the alternative use of alcohol in their bid to protect themselves from the dreaded COVID-19 which has already hit 7 persons in the country. The development is due to the absence of hand sanitizers in various shops as they have run out of stock. 

A visit to some retail outlets including some pharmacy shops saw disappointed customers who say they had searched every where to get the hand sanitizers but could not get hence their decision to get the rubbing alcohol which health professionals say works like the sanitizer.

A customer at the Ernest Chemist shop around the Kwame Nkrumah round about told she visited three shops before getting to the pharmacy shop but stocks had run out in those shops. She said, "I live in Asylum Down and i have been roaming the whole area to get this sanitizer but i did not get. In fact i went to three shops before coming here only to be told that i can only get the rubbing alcohol".

Another customer who gave his name as Eric told us that though he got the rubbing alcohol, he is still waiting for the sanitizer which he ordered for earlier. He said, " I ordered for the sanitizer three days ago but the shop said it has finished so am waiting for them to send it to me. But before that i will need to protect myself by getting this rubbing alcohol.

Managers of Ernest Chemist confirmed the shortage in their branch but assured that they restock to meet the demands of their customers. 

Checks in some other parts of Accra also revealed that people virtually fought each other in shops that had sanitizers in their bid to buy for their families.

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