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two years from now you will regret this post, back then in 1999 when Ghana music awards came same people even then big and well know stars did and showed acts like this , two years down the line those same people came begging and apologizing to the same award they called cheats and scammers, now Ghana music awards is one of the biggest awards show in Africa. Run down to 2018, 3music awards also came and characters like you showed the same acts and came back begging and asking for a chance. it sad when artist like you, start with this kind of acts, the big stars are not even talking and someone who has a hit in his family house and thinks teshie is so big that he getting air plays in drinking spots and beer bar so he has made it ...i dear you to come out and say that you knew nothing about this nomination and this the first time you are hearing of it?? among those up there, point out any which you have influence than, fame than, money and hype than?? 80% of them up there, you cant dine nor compete with! do you know how many artist, i mean much more better artist would love to have the spot you got up there?? it fine if you feel you cant win but you coming out here to write scam scam of an award which is not like that, it funny if you think the 3,000 followers you got all over social media makes you bigger,richer and a star more than any artist nominated in the greater Accra Music awards nomination....i repeat 2years to come, you wil regret, it may not even get to the two years and the reality of life will make you understand that if you think it your team alone that can make you get up there, your songs will still remain hits in your family house and nothing more! you go get money to promote a song, you will get to the radio or tv station, you will pay the money and your songs will be played at the wrong time, there you will understand the word sideline! keep in mind it only a few people who control the media, they determine what people watch or listen to at a particular time, if ebi money wey make people hit like chaw hit,this few people make the stars and they bring them down...just bare in mind it takes recommendation to get to the top and the recommendation wont come from your team members, it comes from the stranger some where....i say it again, you will regret this post sooner or later...

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