Ghanaians are hypocrites – Efia Odo || #Dauda_Yayra

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Ghanaian TV presenter and actress Andrea Owusu popularly known as Efia Odo has stated that most Ghanaians have a lot of hate in their hearts yet go to church and pretend to be righteous.

Speaking to ZionFelix in an interview, Efia Odo made it clear that she believes a lot of Ghanaians attend church because it has become a norm and habit rather than serving God’s true purpose.

“A lot of people go to church I think because it’s become tradition,” she said.

Although the controversial female celebrity revealed that she does not attend church herself, she explained that she believes God can be worshipped anywhere and everywhere so far as it is done in truth and in love.

“How can you be going to church and you don’t even talk to your sister? You go to pray to God but you have malice and hate in your hearts? So what is the point of going to church if you can’t even learn about love?

“Being a Christian or a person of God is not about going to church. It’s about the things you do after church. Do you gossip or do you go to help someone who needs it after church?” Efia plainly added.

The video vixen advised Ghanaians to make an effort to embrace love more and let go of the hate they have in their hearts.

“I feel like the negative energy is too much. Ghanaians should try and be positive. We do not allow love coexist between us.

“If we say we love God and do not really love each other then do we really love God? Because God is in all of us so if you don’t love your neighbour how can you say you love God?

“Love is not all about what you do for someone. It’s also about how you talk and relate to a person. I feel like we do not have a lot of love in our system. So I want us to love each other more.” She said
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