[New Release] Tilly - Money (Prod. by Marius Beat) || #Dauda_Yayra

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Tilly Marius Beat

Is something I really wanna do, I wanna sing my heart out
To the people, to the wide world
Hear me.

Every morning, Tryna do it
Everyday tryna it up yeah
Every single time them looking for the money
Every single day them looking for the paper
Looking here, looking there, looking up, Looking down there
Looking stress, You're looking cheap
The labour force keep raising always
Looking for the money, them looking for the fame
Looking for the paper
Them looking for the grades
Looking for the happiness
Them looking for love, looking for this looking for that me say
Every single day
Every single time

Every single day (You tryna make it up yeah)
Every single day
Every single time
(Every  you waste it all on the money right Yeah)


We're looking for this money
People suffering for this money
We're killing for this money
Buh we never go dey die with this money 2X


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