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It high time some banks are dropped and the real banks are maintained, majority of banks in Ghana are stealing and deducting unreasonable, anyhow,where ever and at the least chance that they find. They dont care weather your transactions goes on or not,what they care is for them to deduct your money at any least chance they get anytime you use your ATM or Credit Card, Visa Card, Visa Gold or any of your bank cards. Their sole aim is to just deduct you and one of the banks which needs to be dropped is GT Bank, if you need a reliable, not a cheat bank and a safe bank to keep and safe guard your money never trust GT BANK to do that for you! They are the worst bank when it comes to banking in Ghana. They dont care about customers, poor customer care services and when it comes to the money subject, they are always looking for chances to deduct monies from clients account even when transactions has not gone through. this not the first time GT BANK is doing that,they keep doing that over and over. When one thinks of it, one can sort to imagine if they are deducting to help them reach the target which the central bank has set or to help them stay i business!
The most annoying part of all is you dont get the services yet you are bailed and your money never gets refunded no matter what, they always have an excuse to give you in order to steal your money.

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