Blakk Rasta Shines Again At Legon Lectures || #Dauda_Yayra

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The Efua Sutherland Drama Studio at the University of Ghana witnessed yet another explosive lecture from Ghana's multi-awarded Kuchoko Legend, Blakk Rasta who appeared at his second series of lectures clad in rich African attire.

As advertised, the programme started at 7pm prompt with a display of Bamaya traditional dancing before Abubakar Ahmed also known as Blakk Rasta took the stage and unleashed a barrage of facts and mysteries in the topic, AFRICA, YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW.
The crowd sporadically and intermittently injected with excitement as the lecture wore on with visuals to buttress facts, legends, and myths.
Amongst the teeming crowd was the Honourable Minister of the Inner Cities, Dr. Mustapha Hamid so seemed extra impressed with Blakk Rasta's oratory and dexterity in handling several issues and topics.
It never looked like Blakk's potpourri of knowledge would run dry anytime soon as the audience bombarded him with questions at the end of the lecture for well, over thirty minutes.
The monthly Blakk Rasta lectures have attracted so much attention that the musician/lecturer says he is being bombarded now with several speaking/lecturing invitations across the globe to his utmost excitement.
A few people who were interviewed after the lecture did not only marvel at the depth of knowledge Blakk Rasta exuded and continues to pour out but appreciated the natural juices and Jollof served them after the session.
Blakk Rasta says he is preparing and nourishing of the youth now with these lectures in readiness for a radical revolution in Ghana and Africa for change. "We must leave a prosperous country/continent for the next generation like our ancestors left our forefathers which have now been corrupted by our greed and nonchalance," he added as he turned to the mob 'pestering' him for autographs et cetera.
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