Family Forever made fathers day Memorial Day at Teshie

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 Family forever is group of some people who have decided to join themselves together to help Teshie district community.
 In an interview, the chairman, Ernest Sowah said this group was created on the 20th July 2018 to help the society especially the educated ones.
 He also said the group had an objective to support the members in categories of marriage, sickness, education etc... They also organized cleaning exercises in the community of Teshie to make the environment clean.
 He also mention some partnership who have being helping them in case they need sponsorship : Jolly Sam,  Samy Custom,  Mason,  Ben Ayiku, Nii Adjei Kulu and Vingen Pharmacy.
 According the Chairman the group is open to everybody.
 They are located at Teshie Akorwor.
    Written by AFANOU PHILMS
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