OUR INDUSTRY(B/A) IS SICK AND NEEDS A CURE-Mic Gee Gh Educates. || Dauda_Yayra

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                             sources: cleanheartent.com

As an Artist, Artist Manager, Media personnel, Music Lover, Entertainment Critic, Blogger and a Fan, I wish to see our *Entertainment Industry* grow from grace to grace but it isn’t so. After critical observation, analysis and investigation I observed that ” *our Industry is sick and needs a cure_* “.
This cure is not just a one-day job but will take time to be rendered.
We all must come together as *Industry Players* to find a lasting solution to this. Be it an Artist, Managers, DJs, Presenters, Bloggers and Fans, we should stop blame games and unitedly eradicate obstacles that are hindering the progress of our Industry.
 *   Our Artists don’t get the needed attention and recognition Nationwide despite their good works.
*   We hardly get even a single nomination in various Awards Schemes organized in the country.
*   Event Organizers hardly bring high profile mainstream Artists due to fear of Low-Fan-Turnout.
*   Some DJs hardly play our local songs because their listeners might tune to other channels.
*   We compete among ourselves rather than competing with externals to get Nationwide attention.
These are but a few lapses but taking individual categories of Industry Players, I think in my view below are some key points which have resulted to the downfall of our Entertainment Industry:
*   Most Artists produce low quality Demo songs which affect delivery of DJs when they play.
*   Some produce songs with profane lyrics and expects it to be played.
*   Some Artists release songs at shorter intervals which does not give previous tracks the needed promo and attention.
*   Some Artists release songs at longer intervals which affect their consistency and relevance.
*   Some Artists rely on fake hype from friends and close pals which slows down their hard work
*   Some Artists don’t get in touch with DJs and Presenters with their songs but sit at home and expect it to be played. When it’s not played they criticize the media.
*   Most Artists share and promote their songs among themselves. They share their songs in WhatsApp groups made up of so many other Up and Coming Artists who won’t have time to even listen because they are also busy with theirs.
*   Promo is always done internally but no external promo.
*   When their songs get a number of air plays internally,  they feel proud and relax without promoting externally.
*   They never contact High Profiles to invest in their careers but sit and expect deals to come.
*   Most hardly mount stages outside their vicinity.
*   Others are also into music just for doing sake.
There are so many which we can’t mention on the part of the Artists but let’s have a look at the next category.
A few of them are doing well but majority of these personalities must sit up to raise high the flag of our Industry.
*   Most don’t play our local songs because they claim they are of low quality.
*   They play songs of mainstream Artists who don’t even know them for free but tend to charge the Up and Coming Artists.
*   When playing our local songs, that is when they fade in and fade out saying things that are not in context with the song but don’t do that when playing songs of the mainstream.
*   Some charge high amounts for Track Premieres of our Up and Coming Artists.
*   Others take payola and play the song once and others not at all.
*   They don’t practice what they preach. They blame Artists for not approaching them yet they charge high amounts when the Artists approach them.
*   Some only play songs of their friends and Artists they support.
*   Few dedicate part of their programs for the Up and Coming Artists.
*   Hardly play an Up and Coming’s song till it ends.
*   They bill Artists on shows without the Artists or their Management’s consent.
*   They expect Artists to perform free for them on a money-making event.
*   Artists may come from a far distance probably a different town or region yet their transportation and even accommodation becomes a problem.
*   About 3 to 4 programs can be happening on the same day in the same town even at times same venue.
*   Some bill some self acclaimed high profile Artists who will never even hype the show for them rather than billing those who will advertise and even invite their friends to come watch them there by generating income.
*   They only hype their events on social media rather than the grassroots.
*   Ill preparation and inappropriate dates and venue for events.
Most people claim to support Artists but only hype them in just a few WhatsApp groups but make no effort to hype them externally. Others also condemn rather than criticize which kills the career of most of these young talents.
Watch out for the *PART 2* of this article as I talk about Bloggers, Entertainment Critics and the Fans.
Let’s come together to save our Industry.

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