Kuami Eugene is not bigger than me – Kurl Songx

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Kurl Songx and Kuami Eugene

Highly Spiritual signee, Kurl Songx has shot down all moves to compare him with his colleague musician, Kuami Eugene, who was his co-competitor at the season seven of MTN Hitmaker.

Speaking with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show recently, Kurl Songx revealed that he is at the same level as the Lynx Entertainment Rockstar. According to him, there is no need to pitch them against each other now while they are both striving tirelessly to achieve something big in the music industry.

The “Odo” Hitmaker emphasized that currently they are both big. He added that with each passing day the number of his followers and that of Kuami Eugene keep growing.

Kurl Songx, however, admitted that in as much as he does not see the need for the comparison between them, his colleague Kuami Eugene has done a lot of great work ever since they came out of the Hitmaker competition which deserves a lot of plaudits.
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