‘I knew I was going to be a great musician so I asked my schoolmates to take pictures with me’ – Samini

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Growing up as children, many had dreams whiles many also saw how great their future will be and this is the case of Ghanaian musician, Andrew Samini widely known as Samini.

According to Samini Dagaati in a recent interview, he saw how great he was going to become way back when he was in school and asked his mates to take photos with him.

“Anybody that went to school with me, I told them to take pictures with me because I knew where I was going. I knew I was going to be big,” he said.

It is sometimes very fascinating to hear stories of such importance from celebrities because according to him, his parents were not in support of him pursuing music, especially his father, adding that his father wanted him to be a lawyer but with hard work and perseverance, he’s now a great person.

Samini was speaking on the topic, ‘Why is it that some parents do not support children who choose a career in music, entertainment in general?'
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