[New Release] #Ricciwan - LIES (Fuck You Cover) Mixed by Micon ||#Dauda_Yayra

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Everyday u dey claim say u love me
You can't do without me 
you dey tell me sweet words make ma head sweet me
Awie awie awie shi minuuu
Ah figure say I get angel from above(yeee)
Ajeei ajeei ajeei mii Wu
All this while what you dey show me be fake love
Everything u want ah dey do
When you tell me say you need one I give you two
I did all this because I love you
Not knowing you sef you dey see me like Scooby-Doo
Fuck you bitch
Who you trynna snitch (on)
Mtchwww you think say u reach
Sake of you dey roll with guys way dem rich
Let me tell you once more girl you're a bitch
Ashawo way u be
Incase you don't know 
Hand over my key
Ah beg make u go

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