I am happy Praye is back – Actress Beverly Afaglo

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Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo has revealed that she is happy the trio, Praye is back.

Beverly, who is the wife of Praye Honeho(Choirmaster) in an interview on The Late Nite Celebrity Show said whiles Ghanaians were crying for them to come back, she was also behind the scenes talking to her husband.

“It feels amazing Praye is back; in fact, Ghanaian thought I was the cause. Now I can breathe again; I’m happy.”

When asked by the host if she played a role in their coming back she said yes.

“Yes, I did. As people were crying that Praye needs to come back, I was saying the same things but in fact, I can’t come on social and back people that they need to come back.”

She added, “I can’t be against Choirmaster … He has to take his own decision at his own time to be a part of Praye“.

Beverly Afaglo has been married to the Choirmaster for about six years now and they are blessed with two wonderful girls.

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