Full Profile/Biography Of Cookie Di Oven Boss || #Dauda_Yayra

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Full Name: Jadae Trevor Best
Stage Name: Cookie Di Oven Boss
Date Of Birth: 5/11/1993
Current Number Of Tracks: 5

Goes by the name Mr. Jadae Trevor Gest by birth. He was born on the 5th of November 1993 in St Ann’s. To Mr and mrs Trevor Gest.

He is known on the Jamaica music industry  as "COOKIE DI OVEN BOSS".
He is a dancehall artists, performer, and a song writer, He is one of Jamaicans fast rising and most popular among the upcoming artists in Jamaica.
He has also been on shows and share stage with big artist like popcaan the "Unruly Boss" , Sizzla, Chezidek and Jamaicans Don Dada Louis Ranking just to mention few.
He also has some collaboration with some few Jamaicans artists such as Louis Ranking... Which he has a video for his single "Far away " coming  out soon which is really making waves in Jamaica and around the globe which got him big endorsement from top artist in Jamaica and outside Jamaica as well.....


Get familiar with this young and talented artist

Written by:Bob Afrika.
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