1+1 music group steps out with new tune ‘Shishiishi’

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by michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.com/ghana
Although the rap duo of Paparazzi and Aziz Costa making up the 1+1 music group have been involved in the music space for over a decade, their musical fortunes have been mixed with highs and lows.
The duo who are brothers with birth names Abdul Razak and Abdul Aziz respectively are out with a new track and video off a new album they are working on set to be released before the year concludes.
Aziz Costa
‘Shishiishi’ (kalakala), the new tune connoting swiftness or hotness features Jah Shock who says when retun on effort translates in money flow, there is abundant joy however when broke, that is a bitter experience as the ladies wouldn’t offer their love.
Leader of the 1+1 music group Paparazzi blending the Hausa and Ga languages nicely submits there is proliferation of gods to worship and does not concern himself with witchery or wizardry noting dreads on the head breaks combs. He adds he beholds beauty when he sees one and doesn’t fool around.
Partner, Aziz Costa notes that women love it good such that when poor, will have a hard time.
Video director, Yaww Gado put in some good work with his crisp visuals. There are motor riders displaying skills as is endowed women with massive behinds. Gado captures market scenes while there is a massive representation of fans and crew in the video all helping shine light on this colourful video.
Although the brothers and partners were birthed and raised in Darkuman, they are now Kaneshie based where they both sell meat as butchers in the Kaneshie market. They both have children as well as wives who lend support to their music efforts.
The duo have an album ‘Etu Girli’ to their name released while being managed by music producer Roro. They set out as a 4-man group comprising Paparazzi, Aziz Costa, Pillow Case,and Stone-T but whittled down to the current two.
The ‘Shishiishi’ guys who can rap and sing have mounted various ‘Salahfest’ stages in Nima, Mamobi and Darkuman, also playing shows in Winneba and mounted TV3’S Music Musicstage. Artists who have inspired the group include VIP, Buk Bak and Okra Tom Dawidi.
1+1 guys expect the ‘Shishiishi’ tune produced by Foggy to be warmly embraced in Ghana and beyond but already delighted with the positive feedback thus far.
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