[New Release] Shadey Destiny - LEVEL CHANGE (PROD BY CHAPTER BEATZ) ||#Dauda_Yayra

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Little Story About Shadey Destiny

We all go through situations and times that breaks us and locks to our lowest, but the good thing is, most of this situation have catapulted us to stages we never expected to hit, cos in our lowest, we earn experiences that triggers us to make decisions and takes action we would have never done while in our comfort zones. Most bad moments have ended up moving us to our next topmost levels and this lead me to the title of Susuma Shado new tune, Next Level... After winning two awards at the 2018 Ga Dngme Entertainment Awards, He just hit right back to work and just as he’s always done, this one too is a hit. It’s a groovy afro pop tune with an infectious hook that has a way eating into your system and making it feel as if it’s an already know song..... 

Dominantly sang in Ga with a super dope production by Chapter Beats, it can’t just go wrong... and don’t be shocked when you find a China man  killing a Gb33 Ohe move to the tune, you’d sing along when it hits you too....

It’d officially be released party style on the 4th of January at the plush Pablo’s Lounge in Teshie, you wouldn’t want to miss that one too because lots of your known and loved musicians are passing through to support the brother... Highest Star.
Dropping the link on daudayayraonline.com for you guys to download the song on 4th January, 2019

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