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Reggae Music since it's inception, has been a genre where Society, through artists, registers it's concerns, mainly with the ruling elite. From days of long ago and from the depths of the origin of mankind, music has been the universal language that can transcend racial, Social, economic and political barriers and delivers messages perfectly. Reggae Music has been used to give hope to the hopeless. It has been used to communicate deep love and praises to The Most High. The genre has spread it's tentacles to every corner and depth of the Universe with its popular proponents being the likes of Jamaican Robert Nestar Marley, popularly known as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and more. In Africa we had stars such as Lucky Dube from South Africa and in Zimbabwe we had the likes of The Bundu Boys who hit the world stage with so much a force and impact that saw them working with mega promoters such as the Laymen Brothers from the West.

Reggae Music continues to grow albeit in a lighter fashion as compared to the eras alluded to herein. Then comes the birth of a Giant of Reggae Music on the form of Carringtone Makumbe who is popularly known in the music circles as Moosafa King!

Moosafa King has rekindled the genre which had become lukewarm since the deaths of some Reggae crooners such as the late Bundu Boys and company. The firebrand artist has ceaselessly continued to churn hit after hit song, albeit, from the underground. However, this status quo is likely to be changed with the release of a jam packed Reggae album from Moosafa in not so long a time from now. Hard Mashona News Desk is reliably informed that the project is almost through with the artist putting final touches to the much awaited album from Moosafa. If all goes well, according to the Moosafa camp, the album shall drop before end of January or early February, 2019!

Moosafa King enjoys fair airplay on our local stations including Bulawayo's biggest Radio station, Skies Metro FM. His music is also causing headaches to other artists from around the globe as his song Vybranium, topped the charts for a long time in Ghana and Uganda! Indeed a giant is waking up n the form of this hot Zimbabwean singer/songwriter. Fans are now waiting patiently for this upcoming album from Moosafa King, the Star of Reggae.

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