Are We Still Guessing , When It Comes To Christianity? || Dauda Yayra

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Are We Still Guessing ,  When It Comes To Christianity?
The Christian doctrine was brought to Africa in the form of a Bible and indoctrinated into Africans during the days of slavery. Before slavery we believed in one God, who is the creator.

  We believed in healing with energy and herbs.  We abhored stealing, murder and any form of dishonesty.   One could leave the door to their huts open and no one will enter to steal. We boasted of having large farms and cattle and gave employment to the community.  Materialism was not rife among the people. Marriage ceremonies were simple and inexpensive. Couples lived happily with no debts.

For those of us who lived in communities, we grew up to see our grandmother's going to their farms and sticking to the old ways.

My grandfather who was a postmaster and a farmer could look at the sun and tell the time. My grand aunt could turn a baby to the right position in the womb. Another Grand Aunt of mine had knowledge of herbs and could communicate with the ancestors.

All the other continents have their religions and they have stuck to it till date.  They have  Christians in their communities but they never forsake their traditions.

Fast forward to Africa, to some people, Christianity means lavish weddings,  famillies  abroad must be compelled through prayers to send money, pastors must see witches in my family... Among others.

Do those who brought Christianity have witches in their families?  Why do they prosper and we don't?  Do they prophesy deaths on their people every year?  If the answers to these questions are negative, that means we are not doing something right.

I have followed, Billy Graham and a host of church leaders and I have never seen them prophesy that someone will die or face misfortunes.

All they do is pray, bless ,inspire, teach and donate to the needy.

The laws in those countries do not permit people to cast spells in public in the name of prophesy.  The Christians know better about co-existing with other religions by staying in their lane.  They know that not staying in their lanes  can bring religious conflict.

Let's not encourage such negatives by broadcasting and sharing them. Would you have shared if the list included your loved one?

Faith is believing that you will wake up healthy and alive every night you go to bed. You  believe the young will bury the old, there will be food in abundance and leaders to grow older and wiser.

A religion or belief that encourages doubt, fear and not being  able to trust the creator , must be looked at again.
(There are different sects in Christianity and not all believe in prophesying deaths) We are all still learning abi  ?

Christian Council,  over to you!!!!!!!! Cc: Doris Naa Adjeley Lomo 💯🔥🔥🔥
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