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Most of those who are spiritually married don’t know they are! They don’t know that not finding a suitable companion is the results of an unconscious comparison they make between their real companion and the spiritual one. They don’t even know that the spiritual wife/husband is so jealous that he/she can destroy their marriage or make their boyfriend/girlfriend fly away from them. The most common question people ask when they hear about spiritual wife/husband is: What is a spiritual wife/husband?
Well, a spiritual husband is a VODU (SPIRIT) one is married to before even BEING BORN. It is the best companion one can have in his life. Spiritually married people tend to compare people they are dating to their spiritual mate and finally discover that their human wife/husband is not suitable for them. I know a spiritually married girl who said: “I can’t get an orgasm when I sleep with a real man because some nights, I have sex with a man in my dream who is so marvelous that I could get two or three orgasms in the same night”. Believe it or not, she is very beautiful but not married (in our living world) and she doesn’t even want to get married either!
What happens when you are dating or married to a spiritual married person?
To simplify the problem, let’s say the spiritually married person is a woman. When you are dating a woman like that, you are dating a spirit’s wife! The woman is physically yours but spiritually she is not! Some days, that woman can begin acting abnormally: She may get angry or mad at you for nothing. You may give her a gift and she would start insulting you. She may start hating you just after you have sex. That woman can be nice to you in the morning and try to kill you in the night… Sometimes, you can smell the odor of perfume, talcum or cigarette in the room; it is the sign that her spiritual husband is around! Please don’t share the same bed with her that night: It is very dangerous.
What to do in this case?
To succeed in marrying a spiritually married woman, you must get the spiritual marriage ceremony done for her. Yes, you get it; you must wed your own wife to a Spirit! First of all, that woman will remain the wife of the Spirit and you will be shown to that Spirit as a FRIEND. Two rings must be used for the ceremony: one is giving to the Spirit in a river or sea and the second is worn by the woman. That woman must never call you her husband! You will be forever her FRIEND even if you are legally married. You must never have sex with her or share the same bed with her on Thursdays: It is the day for her spiritual husband to come over. So get out!
The same rule goes for a spiritually married man.
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