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Is not a good thing.
Our Ancestors Dont Use CONDOM..
Ask yourself what is the side  effect of using condom???
If they tell you no Side effects the Answers are Big #NO....
I have serious projects on Sex & Say No To #CONDOM
Am planning for movie & Song etc.. On this issue.
This happens because some people still believe that you can’t knock a woman up (or catch anything) when she’s menstruating, but that’s just not how fertility, or sexually transmitted infections, work.
My point is this: Most of what we learn as children and teens and young adults about pregnancy is so fear-mongering, so cartoonishly exaggerated, that you end up thinking it’s much easier or much harder to get pregnant than it really is.
The truth is, it’s both really easy to get pregnant but CONDOM is not good for us truth me...
Ask yourself this Question do you know the machine in de CONDOM the Answer is BIg No....
I have more teachings about CONDOM...

People often think that ovulation day is when a woman is most fertile, but it’s actually one or two days before ovulation when you’re most likely to be juiced up right. In total, a woman is only potentially fertile for about five or six days out of the month — the five days leading up to ovulation, and the ovulation day itself.
Think about it. There’s really a five or six day span, which is really like 48 hours, that a woman can get pregnant. And yet many women are told, likely as a scare tactic as girls, that they can get pregnant at literally any time. So in theory, it makes sense that while she’s bleeding — after the unfertilized egg was released, and the nutrient lining of the uterus flushes itself out because there’s no baby — that a woman would not be physically capable of getting pregnant.
Interestingly, modern women who don’t want to become pregnant are increasingly turning to the same methods women use to chart fertility for ages who are trying to conceive. Fertility apps and period trackers help them track ovulation, monitor their body’s temperature and measure the cervical mucus discharge for signs of fertility expressly for the purpose of figuring out more natural ways to avoid pregnancy, not cause it.
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