Sarkodie apologises on behalf of Wendy Shay after she described question as “dumb”

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Rapper Sarkodie has urged Ghanaians to forgive singer Wendy Shay after she ended an interview abruptly after she was asked a question she described as “dumb”.

The rapper noted that while he will not endorse what “The Boy Is Mine” singer did, he believes that she is still growing in the industry.

Wendy Shay has come under heavy criticisms after what started as a normal interview with her ended under frosty circumstances when JoyNews’ MzGee posed the question “Who is Wendy Shay?”

The question by MzGee was a follow up to Wendy Shay’s call that “Ghanaians should accept her for who Wendy Shay is” during the interview.

She has been in the news lately for the news that she was allegedly caught sleeping with her manager, Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet.

She released “The Boy is Mine” subsequent to the news, a song that sought to address rumours.

When MzGee asked Wendy If she was concerned about the issue, she said “it was all about [media] hype. We’re gone so let’s move forward,” with some gloom on her face.

Hell, however, broke loose when MzGee asked her about who she was as she opted for the interview to end.

“Can we cut the interview? This is a dumb question. I don’t wanna do the interview anymore,” Wendy said.
Wendy Shay ends live interview abruptly, describes interviewers question as dumb

Stepping in as a senior brother and holding brief for the singer, Sarkodie said on Twitter that she is still learning and needs support.

“Not to endorse what Lil sis Wendy did but as artistes we’ve had days like that especially coming up in the beginning, takes time to gain full confidence and the knowledge to be able to maneuver our way through this job easily She acted on the human reflex forgetting the job she's in At a point you feel people are after you and you get extra sensitive to almost everything and that can even affect those who have no intentions or agenda to cause harm and even affect yourself Through the whole interview I realized the state she was in because I’m an artiste too but definitely not the best of ways to deal with it. Would apologize to the interviewer and plead for our sis Mistakes happen let’s keep supporting,” he urged in the post

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