Kodwo Otoo - Right to information (RTI) (Produced by ODB) ||#Dauda_Yayra

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This Tune Is Politically Conscious One Reminders More About Your Rights To Know And Mine Too And Also About Unity.This Is Something Many People Have Been Advocating For Government To Pass The Bill Of Right To Information Popular Known As RTI Bill,  So I Think We If Such A Song Get The Support It Will Create More Awareness To Pressurise,  The Government , RTI  A Must Cos It Will Entrench Our Democracy, Fight Corruption, Politicians Fear To Do So Cos Of Fear Of Accountability And Transparency.

Pass the right to information 2×
Switch an the light to give it shining 2×
To enslave the mind not to know truth is death
Them just want to oo  fix our eyes with glasses but we will refuse to be
What you want us to be
Oooh ooooooh holistic approach
Where there is a will always a way
Where there's a light
Nite cannot prevail
Let sing out loud song to demonstrate
Be on board now to participate

Chorus repeat

2nd verse
Fundamental components why must I be denied
Holistic approach the only way
We will refuse to be what you want us to be
Away with the bad song to demonstrate
IAM a rastaman a rastaman come on board  to participate
This continent yea Mr government
How long will you continue to achieve your selfish ambition

Repeat chorus till fade

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