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The entertainment industry as we all know, does not favour most
Of the promising up and coming artists across the globe. There has been couple

Of artists who bitterly complain of how bad the female artists in the country have been enslaved

by some of the investors, event organisers, radio presenters ,DJs and even some of the female artist managers.
A promising up and rising female artists from the central region was on Happy FM with Dr. Cann defending the integrity of all the female musicians in the country.
Joana maame Esi Nkrumah,  with the stage name AUNTY GH , explained with details why she couldn't allow any investor to take advantage of her as a young talent , when asked by Dr. Cann of happy FM.
""I wouldn't allow any radio presenter or any investor to take advantage of me all in the name of
Helping me to break through. What about if they have succeeded and couldn't fulfil
Their promise?? Whom am I going to report to???"" She stated.
An  epic answer was given to Dr. Cann's question which got the nation talking.
Aunty Gh is now preparing to release her song titled borkor. Which means slowly.
And she's currently front lining DELSMART MUSIC..

Writer: Aunty Gh

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