Doris Naa Adjeley Lomo aka Empress Lomo Share Her Passion on How The Youths Of Today Use the Internet ( THOU SHALL NOT TROLL) || #Dauda_Yayra

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Thou shall not troll 

If the internet were to be in existence in the olden days, trolling would have found a place in  the commandments.  Social media has become a huge part of our lives in this century and it can be accessed around all the  the corners of the world.  Advertisers, celebrities, stake holders, world leaders,political and spiritual leaders,  have resorted to using social media to spread messages or sell products, service or push their agenda.
One  must know that trolling  can be categorized as a form of defamation because it sets the person up for ridicule.
  The world population is  quoted at 7.3 billion and the Internet has 3.17 billion users. Considering the numbers  all subscribers will be exposed to some form of trolling in their quest to push their messages on social media . Trolls may create conflict on social media with the intention of pushing a rival brand, product or political party.
 Some also do it to make jokes just to draw attention to themselves. Trolls get a kick out of pushing people's buttons.. They may also hide behind fake accounts to try and create mischief.
This attitude can cause problems for  people, businesses, and the general well-being of some aspects of social media.

Trolling is defined as creating discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Basically, a social media troll is someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a rise out of other users. If you’re an active social media user, chances are that you might have  experienced trolling in one way or another.

With this background, one can say that quoting trolls to write a story means condoning .
As a journalist who does a lot of research, I have seen people trolled on facebook, twitter and YouTube  .

Fans of a rival Artiste will troop to the time line or wall of a musician to troll  .
Trolling has been known to force some people to make their accounts private  . Sharing of ideas and opinion are endless in supply as people on different sides try to establish their points.
 However, it should be noted that just because there is a heated debate does not mean that trolling has happened. Someone who argues a point is not  trolling.

Someone who makes a wild and unwarranted comment about that person’s mother is  trolling. Someone who brings something off topic into the conversation in discussion is trolling. Calling someone a moron, ugly among others is trolling.

The Internet must be a Good Place to share ideas, ideals, information and good moments
Social media has become cheaper and an excellent way to engage with others around the world.
Trolling must not be encouraged because it is known to have caused depression in certain people. Life is already difficult without the trolls.
Doris Naa Adjeley Lomo (Broadcast journalist)
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