The Comedy Situation In Ghana Is Looking Very Good – KSM

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Celebrated comedian and seasoned Television show host, KSM has declared that, the state of comedy in Ghana has really improved.
He congratulated the new crop of comedians for their tremendous efforts is perking up the industry.
KSM, full name Kwaku Sintim-Misa also commented on the growing number of talented and innovative comedians in the system.
“Generally, the comedy situation looks very good. They are all trying their best”, he alluded.
According to the renowned comedian, the fact that competition for comedy Kingship has begun in the industry shows growth and improvement as compared to his era, where he was unopposed for over ten years.
Though he says there are only a handful of comedians who reach out to him, KSM pledged his utmost support to comedians who are willing to seek for it.
“My doors are open to all these comedians, if they are willing to come to me. I don’t take the first step to reach out to them but they are always welcome”, he stated.

He added, “I am extremely proud of the level they have taken Ghana comedy to, the likes of DKB, Kemikal, Lekzy, Jacinta, OB and several others are doing extremely well”

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