No Ghanaian Female Artiste Can Match Up To Spice – King Lagazee || Dauda Yayra

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No Ghanaian Female Artiste Can Match Up To Spice – King Lagazee

Dancehall enthusiast, King Lagazee says he is yet to see a Ghanaian female artiste, who can match up to Jamaican dancehall musician, Spice.
His submissions came while he was throwing more light on his Facebook post from yesterday which read, “Are these women selling p***** or music with good content”
According to him, female musicians in Ghana, a typical example being the late Ebony Reigns, used her body to attract fans but she does have quality in her music.
He argued that, though very explicit, Spice is a very talented musician, both in the studio and on stage.
“Spice is very hot, but she’s also very good. No female artiste in Ghana can be compared to her”, he stated.
He questioned what Ghanaian female artistes as to what they are preaching. According to him, because sex sell, most people capitalize on it.
Spice, real name, Grace Latoya Hamilton  is a Jamaican dancehall recording artiste who broke into the music scenes with her controversial single, “Romping Shop”
Following her debut, Spice has songs like “Needle Gum”, “Tic Tak”, “Gum”, “Sheet” and a hoard to her credit.
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