Doris Lomo Comments On Why Africans Love To Read About Them Selves. - Doris Lomo aka Empress Lomo (Broadcast journalist) || Dauda Yayra

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Africans Love To Read About Them Selves. - Doris Lomo aka Empress Lomo (Broadcast journalist) 
Whenever I hear the narrative  "The African does not like reading "  I shudder.
 Reading and writing started in Egypt and Timbuktu (read about the books and scripts found there)  . 
Is the Bible a book?  Is the Qu'ran a book?  Don't we read, recite and memorize them?  
 Our history was passed down  through oral tradition and artifacts (sculptures and carvings). 
 We are hard working  people,who work with our hands, strength, heart and mind at the same time.  Theories don't work with us. Our stories are always in our faces . 

We don't need cook books because cooking skills are seen as an inheritance, handed down to children from parents.  Our indigenous  fruits, vegetables grow in our back yards.  Poultry ( ducks and chickens)  and cows are easily visible unlike some countries where children have never seen a live chicken.  We raised our children without parenting books and reared our pets and stock without books.  

People record and write about rare issues and learning tools.  I am prompted to write this piece because I got tired of hearing this narrative from our learned people.  

Reading like any other habit remains a hobby.  Some people like reading and others don't and this is not limited to people of black descent.  

I use books to tuitor and I realize that most of the content are not useful to us.  A book I used yesterday indicates that "peanut butter is made from peanut and oil " . 
You and I know peanut butter comes from groundnut which contains oil.  We have been made to read things that have no use to us. 

 The solution is that we have to write more books about us and our culture.  

We have to record how our forefathers were natural  entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators.  

The gold smith, black smith and carver in our communities did not learn it in school.  Our story tellers, dancers and singers did not learn from a book.  

Narratives become facts when we keep repeating them.  Africans are divine beings and different.

 The new world economics have failed us,  modern hair dressing with chemicals have failed us,  disregarding our cotton clothes and adopting nylons have failed us,  discarding our leaves and eating in plastics have failed.  

We are reading about how to boost other economies by patronizing their books and ignoring our authors . 

This gives us the impression that those countries are better than us , hence the rise in illegal migration and brain drain. 

Let's encourage book writing in our country( things about us and what we need to develop)   and people will read what they can  identify  with.  Am an African, I love to read from romance to science books to languages and mathematics, am not alone, there are lots of us.

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