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Good music is made up of great songwriting skills, vocal abilities and an attitude to get you there. However, this is not the only thing you need as a Gospel artist and more so if you are out to winning soul, preach and spread the word of God and do powerful ministration like Evangelist Diana Asamoah is committed to doing. Diana Asamoah songs are evidence of not just skills, talent, excellent songwriting, flawlessness but also is a fruit of prayer, commitment to hearing God's voice and evident favor from the deity upon her.
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Evangelidst Diana Asamoah Songs have hit the airwaves for years now; she has been used so powerfully by God to spread the good news across all nations through music. In fact, she has a unique charisma that whenever she graces an occasion or even platform many get to silent what she got to share. Her work and talent are surely appreciated by masses and following this she is a multiple award winner through hit songs such as Pentecost, Akoko Abon, M'abo wo din, Woda mu fua and many others. It means in addition to spreading the word, this beautiful Gospel sensation has made a lot of money from her music, and she has traveled the world doing live musical performances in Europe, Several states in the United States of America and Africa.

Elsewhere, Diana Asamoah is a hardworking woman who wears different coats and fit in very well. She is multi-talented which explains her dynamism. She works as a Radio presenter at Rainbow Radio based in Accra and Angel FM in Kumasi; she hosts gospel shows very early in the morning where she preaches and plays inspirational music including Diana Asamoah Worship Songs. Through her many lives have been changed and won souls for Christ.
In this piece, you will find a detailed analysis of Diana Asamoah worship song list. You will get to find out how many albums she has produced so far, and her hit songs, when they were produced, who produced them, how many views they have on youtube, the sale she has made so far and so much more. This is some beautiful content about Evangelist Diana Asamoah songs you cannot afford to miss a detail.

Diana Asamoah Worship songs list

Diana Asamoah has a strong commitment and a zeal to spread the word of God and as a result, she had worked tirelessly to ensure all hear the good news. She has been active musically for some years now, and we can say that indeed she had accomplished a lot musically and even being able to penetrate the highly competitive market. Her humility, talent, God's favor and hard work she propelled her into the grace she walks in today. She has been able to sing to God Pledging allegiance, committing trust, exalting him and worshipping him in sincerity and truth.
She has several albums under her names such as Pentecost Soree Nwom, Akoko Abon, Mabo Wo Din, Gospel old tunes and many more. This crystal clear shows how accomplished this music star, Evangelist Diana Asamoah is in Music and generally in Ministry. She recently told a media outlet that she is just about to release an album that will set the standard for the gospel music in Ghana but stressed she is not competing with anyone but solely makes her music to promote the work of God. This means that more should be expected from her and she is busy cooking something sensational, inspirational, spiritual, life-changing with all another element in music; tunes, lyrics, vocals, dance and so much more. Below is the Diana Asamoah worship songs list.

1. Diana Asamoah - Ogyee
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This is one of the great Diana Asamoah worship songs. It is a song exalting praise and worship to God based on the Story of Nehemiah; a commitment to being God's remnant – one who is ready to vindicate and intercede before God and allow him to be in their lives. This song has touched the hearts of many and touching reviews to the song is evidence enough how inspiring the song is.
It was produced in 2017 and officially launched in a music event that was held in a conference center on 3rd December 2017. The song is by none other than the Gospel Sensation we all love and admire, Diana Asamoah and produced by Frimprince Music Production. It is in the Madanse Die album she produced in 2005 but still is relevant up to this minute. The song is available in the digital format where one can view and download. It is on YouTube, run for about 7 minutes and forty-six seconds and has a good number of views.

2. Diana Asamoah – The Lord is Mighty
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‘The Lord is Mighty' song by Diana Asamoah is one of the moving worship songs of all times. It has dominant lyrics line that speaks of how Jesus is King over all nations and how he deserves to be magnified, worshipped; a powerful praise and worship song. It has equally ministered the hearts of many, and it never gets old no matter how many times it was played.
This song was in the album Mabo Wo Din by Diana Asamoah produced in 2000. It was produced by a renowned music production label owned by one Mr. Anane Frimpong who is also the Executive Producer; FrimPrince studios. Over the years this powerhouse has done her honor by producing high-quality music great in instrumentation, clarity, video, and choreography. It runs for about 6 minutes and twenty-one seconds within which the message of good news is conveyed in simple understandable manner.

3. Diana Asamoah – Never Go Back
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It is one of the uplifting Diana Asamoah worship songs you will ever listen to. It revives the inner energy to serve God and humanity selflessly and wait to be crowned by God for good work. Ideally, this song purposefully stirs up the quest to renew your faith in God and decisive settle on serving God and never going back to sin or the worldly pleasures of life. This song has positively changed the lives of many and has evidence from the reviews online.
Never Go Back song was released in 2006 in the Gospel Old Tunes, Volume 1: Pentecost Gya and has remained an impactful song since then. It is in the praise and worship genre and a tremendous artistic song that just had to be in the Diana Asamoah Worship songs list. Again this song was produced by Frimprince Production House and is available online in different versions for both viewing and downloading; MP3, MP4 and in high-quality video format.

4. Diana Asamoah - Anopa Wim
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Anopa Wim is one of the Evangelist Diana Asamoah latest songs. It is one of the songs that give you new energy to push or hold on even in the midst of darkness. It comes to encourage you that there is still hope and good things await you; a very impressive and motivational song. Although it is sung in the native language, it has cut across all region thanks to great tunes and danceable moves that makes it accessible. Besides, the song is translated into English to make it more relatable.
It is one of the latest in Diana Asamoah Pentecost Soree album which was recently produced in 2014. It is directed by Papa Richie and produced by Frimprince Music Label. The video is an apparent show of creativity at its apex and very intriguing and smartly offbeat. Since it was uploaded in 2014 on YouTube, the songs have been able to garner well over one million views. This song has been a significant breakthrough which has made her some good fortune and traveled the world.

5. Diana Asamoah – Mabo Wo Din
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It is one song in the Mabo Wo Din album that comprises of nine songs including; The Lord Is Mighty, Nyhira Nka, Mobo Wo Din, Kasa Me Ho, Awurade Tie, Meye Ade Foforo, Yen Sore Awurade, Yehia Wadom and Mumnumkum. It is the first song in the album and a viral hit for that matter. It was produced in 2000 by the great music guru and executive of Frimprince productions.
It talks about the love of Jesus and stirs up people to worship God in his splendor of holiness and approach him with reverence as we take awe in his mighty works over all the earth and even in the heavens. The song is in digital format and has over 63,000 views on YouTube another appreciated work of Diana Asamoah. It was released in the year 2000 and still is a great song to listen to today.

6. Diana Asamoah – You are Powerful God
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It is one of the Diana Asomoah worship songs that have a powerful message about how great the Lord is. The song has been used to preach to masses and tell them of who God is; all-powerful in all circumstances and able to turn around your life and favor you with his blessing if only you commit to him. The song is excellent in all aspects, and clearly, Frimprince studio is dedicated to ensuring she can release quality music that will be well receipted by the audience. As a result, the song has indeed become famous thanks to godly content and sincerity in worship
You Are Powerful God is one of the Evangelist Diana Asamoah latest songs having been recently released in 2012. It is in the album Wo Da Mu Fua, which has other great hits such as Twen Awurade and Ohene Kesse. The song is about five minutes in length and has over 600,000 views on YouTube, has been downloaded and shared widely.

7. Diana Asamoah - Madanse die
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It is a trendy song that is a household name in many homes today. The music genre (reggae) is unconventional for Diana Asamoah songs and this is then a discerning element in the Twi song as is popularly referred to as. Other than the genre, the song has breathtaking dances from young adults who are featured in the video and do a remarkable job. Besides, who minds such great choreography from young and energetic youths.
Madanse die was released in 2005 and is one of the great musical sensations for Evangelist Diana Asamoah Latest songs. The Executive Producer for this intriguing song is Mr. Anane Frimpong, the founder of Frimprince Music Productions which is also credited alongside Mr. Nana Osei Yaw of Nayas Studios in Kumasi. Many have written about the song saying how they love it, and how the words are powerful. The song is more or less a testimony of victory through having accepted Jesus Christ. It has many views on YouTube.

8. Diana Asamoah - Akoko Abon
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Akoko Abon is one of Diana Asamoah songs that she sang when she was just young in the music industry. It runs for about 8 minutes and is yet another best of Producer Anane Frimpong. It talks of life after all the turmoil that it is always darkest when it is near dawn. We should push on until we breakthrough what was meant to break us. The video premiere with Evangelist Diana Asamoah in a weary state alongside other women but they glow and get graceful towards the end of the song. It is a motivational song that talks about real life situations in which people can easily relate to.
It is one of Evangelist Diana Asamoah worship songs in the Akoko Abon album produced in 2000. The official music video of Diana Asamoah Akoko Abon was uploaded on the 5th of July 2015 by the Gospel Expo is has since then been available for viewing and downloading from various sites including YouTube.

9. Diana Asamoah – Judafo No
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It is yet another Evangelist Diana Asamoah songs. It talks about how Judas Iscariot handed Jesus to the harsh leaders who lead to his crucifixion and subsequent death. It urges Christian always to matter the pressure. It is because of him that the price of sin was paid. The song premiere where she is in the woods, a picture of how Jesus was crucified with two other people
Judafo No song is co-produced jointly by Papa Richie of Set Free Production and Mr. Anane Frimpong of Frimprince Production. It runs for about seven minutes and sixteen seconds and is one of the songs in the Diana Asamoah Pentecost Soree album which is composed of 18 songs including Wo Ne Me Werekyekyefo, Yesu De Ne, Onyame Ba, Anopa Wim, Wo Nwuma So Worship, Osombo Mame, and many other Christian songs. It was released in 2014 and the up to the minute Evangelist Diana Asamoah latest songs.

10. Diana Asamoah - Yehowa

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Diana Asamoah Yehova is a concise song that runs for less than three minutes. However, it is a song with a full pack meaning about Yehowa – Lord in the native language. It exalts him for who he is; the maker of the universe, his awe, power, and love for humanity. It is one of the deep worship Diana Asamoah worship songs. It moves you out of the world of the ordinary into the heavenly atmosphere where you communicate with the deity.
Yehowa is in the 2014 Music album by Diana Asamoah. It is produced by the gifted hands of Mr. Anane the founder and a seasoned producer with Frimprince production studios. There are many versions of the song online including the official video and several other live records. It has received many numbers of views and is a favorite song today and blessed many musically.

11. Diana Asamoah – Wo Ne Me Werekyekyefo

diana asamoah songs, evangelist diana asamoah songs, diana asamoah worship songs
From her dedication to serve God to her life, Diana Asamoah is a living testimony that there is soul entirely desperate for God. Her songs are not just a song to sing along and be forgetful of. The words spoken carry meaning and are evident in people's life. The song Wo Ne Me Werekyekyefo is such a powerful one of Diana Asamoah.
It is produced and directed under the umbrella of Frimprince Production which has produced almost all the music by Diana Asamoah. She truly is not just a musician by an ordained minister who uses her music to evangelize and reach to the mass telling them of the love of God. It is one song in the Pentecost Soree Nwom Album. The song is available on iTunes, YouTube among many other reputable music sites online

12. Diana Asamoah – Nuoma Nyinaa Besesa
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Wow, the guitar, drums among other musical instrument is a notable feature as it is done flawlessly. This is even made better by the harmonious voices singing heartily to God. The video may have been inexpensive but all the same, this does not deprive it of the sincerity in worship found in Diana Asamoah Songs. The energy and zeal to serve God exhibited in this song is on another level. It is a delectable treat both visually and vocally for about five minutes or thereabouts.
This song is one of the best in the Diana Asamoah Worship Songs list. It is the 2012 album release titled Wo Da Mu Fua. It was uploaded by Felix Adu on 17th of August 2012 under the Standard YouTube License on YouTube and has about 179,128 views. However, there is still another version uploaded by Kwaku Saforo on YouTube but has lesser opinions than the later. What's more, there are many other sites where the song is available either in MP3, MP4, and video format.

13. Diana Asamoah - Worship Medley
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Well, you may have heard of the evangelist Diana Asamoah songs, but how about having them in one. It would be great; listening and singing inspiration and ultimately sold out worship to god. The Worship Medley is a recent release by Diana Asamoah that comprises many songs including Ayeyi Nwom, Nyame Aguama, Ogyee, Akoko Abon and many others. It is just heaven brought here on earth because the songs will take you to a place where you alone communicate with God forgetting all others around you.
Diana Asamoah is genuinely is blessed, when she holds the microphone, some grace fills up the entire platform and audience. She sings, and the world stops to listen. The Diana Asamoah worship medley was recently released in 2014 in the Pentecost Soree Nwom album. Worship Medley

14. Diana Asamoah - Abraham worship
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This is yet another great Evangelist Diana Asamoah latest songs collection. It is produced by Mr. Anane Frimpong who has actually worked one Diana Asamoah musical releases for decades now. It comprises of songs such as Nkunim, Ntaban, Abraham, Anapo Wim, Ao Yehowa Tumfo, Ahoden Foforo and Nkunim Di among many others. It is available digitally on YouTube since the 3rd of December 2014. More of Diana Asamoah worship songs are on her channel. You need to subscribe to it and enjoy great music as well as promote this Gospel promising talent.
It is worth your attention that Evangelist Diana Asamoah began singing very early in her life. Professionally, she has been active since 2000 and has released great tracks one after the other. She is currently working on a few other musically projects that should be out soon. Nonetheless, she is a very humble person and allows God to direct her paths. Below are the know musical albums:
  • Pentecost Soree Nwom – it comprises of Evangelist Diana Asamoah latest songs such as Anopa Wim, Yehowa, Wo Nwuma, Onyame Ba, Munumkum among many others. It was released in 2014.
  • Wo Da Mu Fua – it was released in 2012 and has tracks such as You Are Powerful God, Twen Awurade, Mekyekyere Aseda, Nuoma Nyinaa Besesa and Ohene Kesee among many others.
  • Mabo Wo Din – this album was released in the year 2000 when she actually reached a breakthrough point. Mabo Wo Din has the following tracks Kasa Wo Din, Maboa Wo Din, and Manumkum to mention but a few.
  • Akoko Abon
  • Madanse Die – it was produced and released in the year 2005 by Frimpong Productions. It has hits such as Madanse die, Abraham, Ogyee, Halleluyah, Mefiri Makoma and other tracks.
The above are some of the Evangelist Diana Asamoah songs. It is just a fraction of what she has been doing musically, and much more is on her channel which one can subscribe to. She has been moving from one grace to the next; growing musically and more avenues opening up for her. She is one of the talented and dedicated gospel musicians today.
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