Fuse ODG Grammy award winning success story

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Recently many music fans across the globe have been looking at Fuse ODG's success and journey towards winning one of the 2018 Grammy awards. Nana Richard Abiona commonly known by his stage name as Fuse ODG is a UK based singer who was born in 2nd December 1988 in London but is of Ghanaian decent. He stayed in Ghana until his teen age when he went back to London for his secondary school. Upon discovering his talent while in London, he did amazing work which made him famous all over the world in addition to winning several awards. This article gives a detailed account on his journey towards being a Grammy award winner.

Fuse Odg Grammy award win success story

Grammy awards 2018

Fuse Odg Grammy award win success story

Grammy awards are considered to be the most prestigious honor in the music industry. The origin of the Grammys can be traced back to 1958 after an impressive performance by rock musicians. A group of executive officials decided to look for a way to appreciate these musicians and that was by coming up with a standard quality trophy to recognize the best artists, songs and albums. Initially, the award was called gramophone award but it was later shortened to Grammy award. The first award was given in 4th May 1959 to honor musicians who had performed in 1958. The criteria of awarding has however undergone changes to include other forms of music including new music from different countries and rap music.
The last Grammy awards recognized Fuse ODG as one of the champions. The great rapper and proclaimed founder to Azonto found his way to winning after contributing in the divide album by Ed- Sheeran over the song Bibia be ye ye. Ed Sheeran is an English singer who was born in 17th February 1991 in West Yorkshire Halix. Ed Sheeran is a prominent artist in the world known for many hit songs and albums in the world. Divide album which was chosen for the 2018 Grammy awards is his third album. The album won the best pop and vocal awards in 2018. It was released on 3rd march 2017 as a collaborative work between Fuse ODG and Ed Sheeran. Fuse ODG became the first Ghanaian artist to win a Grammy award.

Fuse ODG Grammy awards

The 60th edition of the Grammy awards were held in New York and they were the very cause of happiness for the prominent rapper and song writer Fuse ODG. His success was greatly contributed by Ed Sheeran a British singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. Ed Sheeran came to Ghana in June 2016 and met Fuse ODG who had become a famous artist in Ghana. Their interaction brought up the idea of doing a song together which will inspire and appreciate all talented people from Ghana. That gave birth to popular lyrics Bibia be ye ye. Fuse ODG ft Ed Sheeran worked with producer Killbeatz in Ghana and produced Bibia be ye ye which was compiled and included in the divide album by Ed Sheeran.

According to an interview on Joy FM, Fuse OGD confessed his excitement over winning the award and gave endless appreciations to the British musician, Ed Sheeran. According to him, the Grammy award will open doors for the Ghana music industry and would move it to the international market. Speaking to the Joy FM presenter, Fuse ODG said that the award was a motivational step towards encouraging all upcoming artists in Ghana to keep working hard and never lose hope. Fuse ODG Grammys has served as a national prestige to Ghana in the international music industry. The song behind the award has an exclusively attractive video and the message of the lyric is highly catchy and worth listening to.
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Grammy award winners

All along the years, there has been amazing numbers of Grammy award winners and 2018 has not been any different. There were many Grammys awarded to different prominent artists in the world. Some few highlights of other winners include the following:
  • Record of the Year-24K Magic by Bruno Mars
  • Album of the Year – 24K Magic by Bruno Mars.
  • Best New Artist – Alessia Cara
  • Rap Performance of the year – Humble by Kendrick Lamar
  • Best R&B song – “That’s what I like” by Philip Lawrence, Bruno Mars, Christopher Brody Brown, James Fauntleroy, Jeremy Reeves, Ray Romulus, Ray Charles McCullough II and Jonathan Yip.
  • Dance Record of the Year – Tonite by LCD soundsystem
  • Rap Song of the year – Humble by Kendrick Lamar
  • Best Rock Song – Run by Foo Fighters
  • Metal Performance of the year – Sultan’s Curse by Mastodon
  • Latin Pop Album of the Year – El Dorado by Shakira
  • Best Gospel Album – Let them fall in love by Cece Winans
  • Rock Performance of the Year- You want it darker by Leonard Cohen
These among many other world class musicians won the 2018 Grammy awards. Fuse ODG Grammy award win made him more popular in the world.

Fuse ODG songs

The famous England based Ghana artist had released several hits before meeting Ed Sheeran in 2016. He was very popular following the amazing work he had done. Some of his celebrated hits include the following:


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Released in 2014, this was one of the greatest hits in Africa and the world. The song was recorded in 2011 by producer killbeatz and Theo Davis. It’s not known why it took a longer time to be released. Azonto opened a new door of music style in the world and that credited recommendable fame to Fuse ODG. The lyric trended for a longer than any other song released by a Ghanaian artist.

Fuse ODG –Dangerous love

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Another impressive work which probably lit his candle was dangerous love, a lyric which featured Sean Paul. The lyric way released in 2014 and was mainly expressing great love to a girl. It topped Ghana’s hit chart for quite longer time.

Fuse ODG- Antenna

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Produced by his favorite producer Killbeatz, antenna lyrics found ODG’s fame. The lyric was released in 2014 and had an amazing recording topping in New York music charts for a longer time. His fame spread during and he was recognized in many parts of the world.

Fuse ODG-Million Pound Girl

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Released in 2014 by producer Killbeatz, million pound girl was done to express ultimate love to his lover. The lyric was purely a love song that attracted greater mass of audience from different parts of the world. This song acquired larger sales from different parts of the world.

Fuse ODG albums

The famous international singer has released several hit tracks. He has one album and various singles. The Album is called:

T.I.N.A (this is new Africa 2014)

This is the most selling and trending album to date. It has significantly contributed to his current position in the music industry. This album is composed of 14 lyrics. Some examples of these lyrics include:
  • This girl
  • Disappear
  • Ye play
  • Letter to TINA,
  • Bucket of fully sunshine,
  • Million pound girl among others
  • Azonto
Most of his other songs are singles and they include:
  • Antenna (UK Radio Edit)
  • Steve smart and Westfrunk radi
  • TS7 Remix
  • Antenna (Remix)
  • Antenna (Steve smart and Westfrunk remix)
  • UK Club mix
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