Symbolic Meanings of Jupiter Credited to Nana Kwabena Osei Aka Kongo Wattu

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Jupiter symbol meanings include attributes such as…

Symbolic Meanings of Jupiter

  • Expansion
  • Good Luck
  • Protection
  • Wealth
  • Abundance
  • Higher Education
  • Optimism
  • Experience/Authority
  • Generosity
  • Supremacy
  • Justice
  • Balance
The largest planet in our immediate solar system, Jupiter takes its name from the Jupiter the god in Roman mythology (Zeus in Greek myth) who was the king on the pantheyon.
The personality of this deity is mammoth. Large, and in charge, Jupiter wields his authority with swagger and confidence. His rule and judgment is law Discussion or persuasion neither required nor permitted when his rule was implemented.

Signs and symbols cultivate their meanings according to culture, context, passage of time, and mass societal opinion. What’s cool and highly important is that signs and symbols earn their most powerful meanings from our own personal perspectives.

Astrologically speaking, the Jupiter symbol makes its mark as the ruler of Sagittariuswhich is a fire sign and holds personality traits of wisdom, teacher, traveler and is ever expanding his/her circle of influence to gain more knowledge. Jupiter shares rulership of Pisces with Neptune. Here we see themes of receptivity and expanse in the arena of intuitive knowledge.
Alchemically speaking, the Jupiter symbol is reflected in the material form of tin. Tin is an alchemical symbol representing mediation and a balance between hot and cold (situated between Mars/Iron and Saturn/Lead). The thunderbolt is a stand-in for the Jupiter symbol in alchemical texts, and signifies the second phase of the Lesser Work of the grand alchemical process.

The romans says Jupiter is the god of thunder and also associated with Sagittarius etc .He is the largest planet in the soul of Ra (solar) system .Jupiter rules the liver which is the largest internal organ in any mammal.When the system is full of acidity and toxins The planet Jupiter can't function well hence dull liver leading to hepatitis ,cirrhosis and liver fatness .This is called medical astrology .Eat more greens and cucumbers to flush the liver always .Now in West Afrika Ghana ,Togo our Jupiter is called Yeʋe the lord of thunder and has the same attributes ,protection and most important among the Deities or energies within the human system etc .Don't joke with Yeʋe priests .In Volta region when people steal or Robb you and you just call on yeʋe with the right sacrifices even in sunny weather there will be lightening and thunder on the culprit but first of all announcement and warning will be made to alert the community so that whoever did that returns the items .Ignorance of the law there is no excuse. Afrikan were told by king Leopold 11 to abandon such practises and follow the beatitudes ie  blessed are the poor for the will enter heaven so no matter what don't complain ,give all your worries to Jesus ,we did and never got any answer from that pink batty boy ,nonsense. Look into the mirror and call on your ancestors who look like you simple ,this is not racism but race first. If your grandfather is behind the wall and someone has stolen your purse running and you need assistance why shout Jesus when your grandfather is Koku.He won't hear you.Wake up and activate the DNA of your ancestors and fight back with proper tools  .When the pink man couldn't pronounce Yeʋe he then fix the letter "w" to sound Yewe  later became Yeweh then just 600 years ago fix j there and removed y then gave us JAH meanwhile there is no j in nobody's language. The more we shout JAH the more police arrest us .Call on Yeʋe the thunderable  God and see what agwan.Do remember the energies react faster to the man who is super healthy with good discipline of character .So do your spiritual exercises ,eat healthy African balanced diets ,more water ,meditate and Chanel cos you are the original electromagnetic field .Peace and love and harmony family. #Yeʋe#shango#Amadioha.

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