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Ghana Dj Awards has not been bad over the years and i have heard any comment or  cheating.. i have not heard of people paying to buy awards and i will say to the fact that majority of music lovers don't follow the award like the almighty Ghana Music Awards is followed worldwide and has a major attention than all the forms and kinds of awards in Ghana.
 Ghana Dj Awards has become family and friends affair over the pass years and it still been so! why? here are the reason:
1. Majority of the dj's nominated are the ones in the lime light already. there by making it impossible for upcoming dj's to be nominated and even the few unkown which are nominated the chance of them wining is low! why ? because in this industry it who you know and if that big Dj that is in there has big fans base, whats makes you think this upcoming Dj has a chance of wining?....The big Dj has the resource to advertise and reach high base people and mostly those who matter alot and now tell me where is that upcoming dj going to get all that in order to win?
2. It who you know ( aka Connection): if you know or have high team members who know almost everybody in this then wining the award is simple so now tell me this young and upcoming Dj who do he/she know when running against a guru in this award.
3. Those who feel they are cheated don't come out to say it to the public because they know if they do so they will be expelled the following year so they just shut up..abi you Ghana people dont like criticism...
 There is more to write but for now let wait and the same people who keeping wining are the ones who will win unless they see this post and decide to prove enowel junior wrong.. till then we will wait and see. ENOWEL JUNIOR ON IT!

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